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Removal of Fingerprints Request

To Whom It May Concern:
Please be advised I would like my fingerprints and photographs removed from the National Repository of Criminal Records for the following offence(s). I acknowledge that I will be notified in writing when the process has been completed. I understand that this process can take up to ONE YEAR.

This form is used ONLY for individuals who have NON-CONVICTIONS (not guilty). Individuals with any Outstanding Charges must wait for completion of court and a final disposition. Individuals with CONVICTIONS must apply for a Record Suspension (previously Pardon).

If you have questions before you apply – send an email to

Eligibility for Destruction

Withdrawn/Dismissal/Not Guilty 60 day waiting period from final court date
Absolute Discharge 1 year waiting period from disposition date
Conditional Discharge 3 year waiting period from disposition date
Stayed 1 year waiting period from disposition date
Peace Bond Must be expired
Firearm Prohibition Order Must be expired



Section A The above offence(s) disposition was | Check all that apply

For which I understand a $33.90 processing fee applies.

NOTE: Selecting an option other than Not Applicable will direct you to our online payment page.

Section B The offence disposition was | Check all that apply

If only dispositions in this area are checked, I understand there is no fee.

If it is found that the offence(s) were such that a fee would apply and payment was not submitted, you will be notified and the process will be stopped until the payment has been received 

What is your desired method of communication regarding your request?
How would you like the decision delivered to you when complete?